Thursday, August 27, 2015

Sea Farms

Last week my parents took me over to the old ice plant to procure seafood for an upcoming family gathering.

Going to the ice plant, now known as Sea Farms, is somewhat of a walk down Memory Lane for my father, who worked here briefly as a teenager.

My father has a good rapport with the owner and the folks who work there, and it was nice to see him so animated and happy on our visit.  He's been mourning the loss of his good friend and our neighbor Sidney.

We bought some tuna and several pounds of Carolina shrimp and happily made our way back outside.

(My mother was so giddy, she broke out into spontaneous dance even.  Evidently fresh seafood has deep, positive, uncontrollable effects on this family. Regrettably, my camera was not poised to capture her impressive, music-less moves.)

It was a very successful trip.

I'm looking forward to the next visit.

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Great and Grateful

This recent Queens Creek sunrise was not just great, it was glorious.  I only usually catch them, the sunrises, on my way out the door for work.  The sunsets have been equally spectacular, but since I face east and my westward-facing yard is full of trees, I rely on my local Facebook friends to post pictures of those.  Which is how I know they've been grand. The sunsets.

As usual, there is a lot to report but no time to do so.  On the heels of our neighbor's passing, there has been more sad news.  A Mathews family very near and dear to us is suffering the untimely loss of a son/grandson/nephew. It's heartbreaking.

Only two weeks sit between now and Daughter's return to her last year of high school.

It wasn't that long ago that we were dropping her off at preschool, where she never uttered a single word unless the teacher called on her.  These days, she's still quiet for the most part, unless she's asked a question.  Her favorite topics include her wonderful job at Merroir  or the latest and greatest with her friends.

I'm just grateful and honored to be her mother.

Very, very grateful.