Friday, April 18, 2014


This was a recent sunrise on Queens Creek.

I'm starting to feel slightly more energized now that the sunrise comes earlier and sunset is later.  However, the temperature here lately feels like winter is refusing to release her clutches.

Yesterday I cut grass for a few hours in a heavy sweatshirt and nearly froze to death.  My fingers were numb for quite a while afterwards.

It's just way too cold for April. There needs to be a law against having to cut grass in a sweatshirt. Grass cutting is a shorts and tank top chore.  The grass shouldn't even be able to grow in this cold weather.  But it sure is.

Son and I had a wonderful time visiting UVA on Wednesday, although we spent a lot of time walking around in the cold weather there too.  He forgot his coat at home.  (Bless his heart, he gets his forgetfulness honestly.) I offered him one of mine since I travel with several to be prepared for extreme weather during soccer spectating season.  He passed on my purple Walmart coat and chose to brave it out.  In spite of the cold, he's talking as though he's made his decision about where to go.  (He was also accepted to Fordham, Virginia Tech, Syracuse, and George Washington.  As of earlier this week, he was debating between GW and UVA.  After our visit to UVA and considering the differences in cost, I'm almost 100% sure he's going to UVA.  I have tried not to pressure or sway him to allow him to arrive at this decision on his own.  It seems to be working.  YAY!)

Under the category of It's a Small World, during the walking tour of the dorms at UVA, the guide asked Son where he was from.  When he replied Mathews, a woman said, "Oh, I have a friend with a house in Mathews.  Do you know Blah Blah Blah?  She lives on Queens Creek."  When she learned I also live on Queens Creek, she became my best friend--at least for the duration of the walk to the dorms.

In other news, Mathews schools are out for spring break next week.  Son is going out of town, so it will be just me, Daughter, my parents and hopefully Baby Sis for Easter dinner that I volunteered to fix.

Have a great weekend and to those who celebrate it, Happy Easter.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Williams Wharf

These were taken a week or so ago from Williams Wharf.

It was one of those rare calm mornings when there wasn't even a ripple on the East River.

This old railway is so photogenic.

I parked here this particular morning to go for a jog.

Williams Wharf Road is exactly a mile from end to end, so it's easy to keep track of your distance. Speaking of distance, Baby Sis and I are scheduled to run 13.1 miles in Nashville a week from Saturday.  I can tell you that I've never been less prepared for a half marathon in my life, but that's OK.

If I have to walk, I'll walk.

Click here for more information on Williams Wharf, which is also the home of the Mathews High School crew teams.